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Application for 2024 IAPIDS Advanced Training and Career Building Course


This Course is an excellent opportunity to further your knowledge of inborn errors of immunity through case-based discussions of leading-edge diagnosis and management strategies. The Course is also designed to address career-building challenges commonly faced by early and mid-level faculty and offers an unparalleled opportunity to develop international connections and collaborations.


This Course is intended for early to mid-career immunologists. Applicants should be 3-7 years out from their last official training such as last clinical subspecialty fellowship (or equivalent) training or post-doctoral training. Clinical, Translational, or Basic Immunologists working in a clinical research area who are Assistant Professors or recent/early career Associate Professors in North American countries or who hold equivalent positions outside of North America such Lecturer or Senior Lecturer in some African Universities, for examples, are eligible.


  1. Patient Case in the applicant’s area of clinical focus or research. 1 page limit
  2. Summary of interest in attending. Up to 250-word summary of applicant’s area of research, how attending the Course would benefit the applicant, and how the opportunity to build international connections and collaborations through the Course would benefit the applicant’s research and career
  3. Letter of support from the applicant’s institution. 1 page limit.
  4. Curriculum Vitae. 10-page limit

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